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      Peewees Win One and Tie One at RDV Weekend Seies

      12/15/2014, 7:45pm EST
      By Frank Scarpaci

      Young Guns Win As A Team

      Eels Peewee’s Gain Three Points this Weekend


      An exciting day in Orlando for the Peewee team as they gain three points on their road to SAHOF. 

      Their first game was against the National Division #1 seed Black Hawks Red.  Despite being outshot 2-1 and receiving twice as many penalties, the young guns fought hard to tie the Black Hawks Red 2-2.  Not only did they tie them in the game, but they are now tied with them in overall points, each team having 22 points for the season.  They showed their teamwork with goals from Steven Jumalon and Jacob Gusty with assists by the defense.  And let’s not forget player of the game Alex Smedley, saving 23 of 25 shots on net.

      Game two, the Eels took on the home team Jr. Knights Gold.  The game started with player of the game Steven Jumalon score off the initial face off (first of three goals), but the Jr. Knights answered right back with a goal of their own on the next play.  This battle went on through the 1st and 2nd period, the Eels would score and the Jr. Knights would answer right back.  With the score 4-4, the Eels finally got a break with Jacob Gutsy scoring 2 unanswered goals giving the Eels the 6-4 victory.  Also scoring, was defenseman Ryan Chambre for goal #4.


      The Peewees Have Their Last Regular Season Games Before the Christmas Break This Week With Games at RDV.


      The Peewees journey to central Florida this Saturday to face off against the Black Hawks Red and The Jr. Knights Gold. This is the last regular season games before the Christmas break. The Peewees are registered to play at the Germain Christmas Tournament the end of December and resume their regular season in January.


      The Black Hawks Red is in first place in the FAHL National division. They have 10 wins 1 loss and 1 tie.  The Eels are in the American Division with 9 wins 2 losses and 1 tie.

       The Jr Knights Gold are also in the National division They are 7-4-1 for the season.


      No doubt both the Black Hawks and Knights are strong opponents. The Eels will have to do what they do best to win this game. That is play discipline hockey. Hard drive to the net. Consummate fore-checking and back check with the eye and spirit of denying any sustained attack on our goalies. But rest assure, when the Eels goalies are called upon, they will do the job.


      Coach Greg has his players playing strong but we will not take these teams for granted. They are two very tough opponents and we need to all come out and play our best hockey. It is a tight race to make the playoffs so the efforts need to be there this weekend.


      Coach Frank

      Eels On the Attack


      The Florida Eels Bantams Split Weekend Games. They loose a real nail biter 4-2 against the Jr. Panthers and Win 8 to 4 Over Daytona Racers



      This weekend the bantams traveled clearly across the state to Daytona for a 2 game series. This was a tough weekend as the travel toll on the players tough (5 hour commute) coupled with two very intense and very physical sets of games. In game one,


      In game one, the Panthers scored first to take the lead. Lucyan Pawlowicz then scored by the end of the 1st to tie things up. In the 2nd period the Panthers again scored and Lucyan Pawlowicz, assisted by Chase Wainman

       once again tied things up. But the Panthers would go up with a 3rd goal (PP) ending the 2nd period. In the 3rd period the Eels had their chances having a 5-3 power play but the Panthers manage to kill the disadvantage off. The coaches pulled their goalie hopefully to gain advantage of the extra attacker and on a power play but the Panthers managed to score an empty net ending the game 4-2. This was a hard fought battle and our goalie Will Chaney played outstanding trying to backbone a win for the team. He kept us in it giving us a chance to come back.


      This was a very good game for the Eels. They showed a lot of character, will determination and intestinal fortitude. Sometimes you give it your all, your best and everything you have but the win is not realized. That is ok. We don’t hold our heads down.


      Game two the Eels saw a seesaw of scoring.  The final score 8-4 Eels over   the Daytona Racers. In the first period, Dylan Tshalbold

       put the Eels up 1-0 and Lucyan notched his 3rd of the day bringing the Eels up 2-0. The Racers scored in the 2nd making it 2-1. A Daytona player retaliated on Peyton after a check and Peyton got thrown out for fighting. Court did what he does best and rallied the team with another goal making it 3-1. Before the period was over Daytona scored bringing the game within 1 at 3 vs. 2 Eels up by one.


      In the 3rd period, Chase Wainman scored making it 4-2. Daytona would not quit and they notched their 3rd on the Eels again pushing the game within 1. Then things got really scary when Daytona again storming back scoring their 2nd goal of the 3rd period thus tied the game at 4-4. The Eels regained their composure and did not panic. They knew they could do it and we needed guys to step up and do the job. Well, Jake Court got his 2nd of the day making it 5-4 and giving us a little daylight. Lucyan then scored his 4th of the day, 2nd of the game, giving us a little bit of a breather. Thank heavens  Ryan LeFort scored his 1st of the game and 7th of the contest which spelled relief. At the final seconds of the game, Daytona pulled their goalie and Lucyan scored from his own zone with a clearing goal, his 5th of the weekend and earned a hat trick for the game.

      Josh Rowe was in net and faced a numerous point blank shots. Good job

      A Fathers Letter To His Son At The End Of His Junior Hockey Career – A Must Read For Parents

      12/05/2014, 2:30am EST
      By The Junior Hockey News By Admin on Nov 05, 2014


      This letter was sent to us by a player who received it from his Father, and was originally published nearly two years ago.  The player said one thing before attaching the letter; “this is what its all about.”  I think that this is something that all of us hockey fathers will one day wish we have written to our sons:

      Dear _______________________,

      Has it really been 18 years since I first took you skating?  It feels like it was yesterday.  I can remember the very first time, and the look on your face as you struggled to balance on those skates.

      Has it really been 16 seasons of watching you play?  Where has the time gone, how many hundreds of hours have we spent at the rink and in the car?  How many trips to Tim Hortons have we made?

      I find it hard to believe now, that in a few short weeks it will all come to an end.  The practices, the games, the trips to buy new gear in the summer, and all the camps.

      While there is a part of me that is tremendously sad that it is ending, I would not trade the sadness I feel for anything in the world.  I am sad not only because of the end, but because I know how you will feel a year from now.

      While it would be easy for me to be selfish and complain about it ending, I can only hope you can find a way to replace what you have always known as routine.  While you may be leaving the game as a competitive player, the game should always be a part of you.  The memories you have should last a lifetime.  The friends you have made will always be your friends.

      Take these last games and relish every minute of them.  Play with a passion that will allow you to let the game go as a player and remain full with the memories it has given you.  Hockey may no longer consume you, but it will always be a part of you.  As you walk away, know that one day you will come back.

      This is a circle.  It is a family thing.  One day I hope you will experience the sadness I feel today with your own son.  Why?  Because there is joy behind the sadness.

      Through this adventure we have taken as a family, you have grown into a man.  A man that any parent would be proud of.  You have a future, you understand rules, and you know what it is to be a team player.  You have learned to give back, and you understand what it takes to push yourself beyond what you thought you could achieve.

      My joy in having watched you grow into the person that you are today will outweigh the sadness of watching these last games knowing they will be the last. My joy will one day be in watching you tie your sons skates as you pass on this tradition.

      I am proud of you.  Thank you for allowing me to come along this journey with you.  I wouldnt trade one minute of this experience for anything.


      The 4 Habits of Great Teammates

      12/05/2014, 1:45am EST
      By Frank Scarpaci

      Positive Coaching

      Widely considered the best hockey player ever, Wayne Gretzky holds the record for not only the most career regular season goals (894), but also the most career assists in the regular season (1,983). That’s twice as many assists as goals. Landon Donovan, the great US soccer striker, retired with the most goals (144) and the most assists (136) – for nearly every goal there was an equal number of assists. Winning – from the professional level all the way down to the youth level – takes players finding greatness not only within themselves, but by helping teammates become great. teammate. It’s a topic that’s hot in the news right now: NBA All-Star LeBron James has been challenging his teammates to play more together, having been quoted, “There's no way you're going to win a basketball game like that, just having six assists. ... We just can't win like that, and we got to figure out a way to help each other and not make it so tough." So this month we turn to the experts at Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) and ask: what does it take to be a great teammate?

      Like so many skills, being a good teammate is something we’re not just born with, but something we learn. And sports provide a unique space for teaching young athletes how to be a teammate. So what are the things that great teammates do? Great teammates – from the youth level all the way to the professional level -- have these four traits in common:

      1. Fill Emotional Tanks. Great players fill their teammates’ emotional tanks. We talk a lot about the need for coaches and parents to fill kids’ emotional tanks, and players also can fill each others’ emotional tanks. “There are people who bring you down in life. And then there are people who bring you up. You want to be around the ones who fill your tank. We had a lot of them on the team,” says former World Cup and Olympic Gold Medalist women’s soccer player Julie Foudy. Filling each others’ emotional tanks was one of the keys to the success of the US Women’s National Soccer Team. Athletes can use tools like the 5:1 Magic Ratio to be supportive, encouraging and positive.

      2. Have Double Vision. PCA’s Triple-Impact Competitor® model advocates for athletes to be able to look both inward and outward for the betterment of the team. Inward means that you can take a hard and honest look at your own feelings and take responsibilities for your own actions. Outward means you can focus on what’s going on with your team and your teammates and help them be successful. Great teammates balance this inward and outward approach.

      3. Exhibit Selflessness. Every great teammate has an element of selflessness. Think about it: as he raced down the ice with the puck on his stick, Gretzky had to decide: do I shoot it or do I pass it? Every time he chose to pass it he demonstrated selflessness, recognizing that while he’d love to be the one to score, his teammate was likely in a better position to do so. In the long run, great teammates understand that they win when the team wins, and as PCA Founder Jim Thompson says, “Sometimes what seems like a sacrifice - putting your team ahead of yourself – turns out not to be a sacrifice at all.”

      4. Fosters Positive Team Spirit and Team Culture. There has been a lot of reports in the news lately about hazing, where ‘building team spirit’ is used as the excuse for this inexcusable behavior. Great teammates create team spirit and team culture without bullying, defined as recurrent demeaning, destructive behavior exhibited by a person or group in that holds a greater position of power than those being bullied. Instead, great teammates foster a positive team culture by agreeing on a common goal; creating a sense of commitment to the team; allowing for complementary roles for each player; encouraging open and honest communication, including the occasional necessary constructive conflict or criticism; and generating togetherness and cohesion rather than separation or divisiveness.

      What else do you think it takes to be a great teammate? How do you judge whether a player on your team is being a great teammate? Email us and tell us what you think. (We love hearing from you!) Or join us on Facebook and weigh in on the conversation online.

      And for more information on being a great teammate, check out PCA’s Triple-Impact Competitor® offerings including online courses, in-person workshops, and terrific books by their Founder and Chief Executive Officer Jim Thompson on how every athlete can become a Triple-Impact Competitor and help a team reach even greater heights.


      Poinstreak FAHL Peewee Standing

      Peewee FAHL Standings

      Fort Meyers Skatium

      Fort Meyers Skatium (click here for details)

      Sponsored by KeySport Agency

      KeySport Agency

      Visit Website

      December 5th at noontime and December 7th at 8:00 am Rochester Junior Americans Face Off Against the Eels Empire Team at the Fort Myers Skatium

      Unity Will Prevail

      In a little over a week the Florida Eels Empire team will play host to the Rochester Junior Americans at the Fort Myers Skatium. This is an unprecedented event as Rochester being one of the top programs in the USPHL will be traveling to Southwest Florida to play the Florida Eels at home for two games vs. the Eels Empire team and two games vs. the Florida Jr. Blades.


      This is pretty special for the Eels as they and the Blades are the only two teams Rochester will be playing during their Florida debut. The Junior Americans are a very solid organization.  Last season, Rochester’s Elite team performed so exceptionally well they were elevated to a Premier team. This season, Rochester does not have an Elite team so their Empire team is their second level. These are high-end players who are pushing the envelope to play on their Premier team.


       The Junior Americans Empire team has some very talented players. For example, #28 Brenda McFall is their leading scorer. In 17 games he has 20 goals and 24 assist for 44 points. McFall is 4th in the entire Empire league in scoring. With him is # 93 William Shaffer is another sniper. In only 15 games he has 17 goals and 25 assist for 42 points. Shaffer is 6th overall in the Empire league in scoring. Then there is #71 Said Khamidov who in 18 games enjoys 17 goals 21 assist for 38 points.   Connor Rotenberg is an ever-present threat where he has in 17 games 7 goals and 10 assist for 17 points.

      On the Blueline they have one of the league’s top defenseman # 11 who is a playmaker where he boast 5 goals with 17 assist.

      These two matches are not exhibition or scrimmage games. They are regularly scheduled league games. Coach Frankie and his squad are not taking these two games lightly. They have a game plan and intend very much to execute on it. The Eels Empire team did quite well against the Northern teams at the IHC November Showcase. They went 2-1 in their contest and felt very comfortable. Even in their only loss it was against the New York Aviators who are the number one ranked Northern Empire team. In that match we only lost by 2-0 score. That team has defeated most opponents by double digits.

      Moreover, the Empire team has made a few changes in the past few weeks and they are really staring to come together. All of our guys are dialed in. Defense wins games and we need secondary scoring from the 3rd and 4th lines. Goaltending has been solid so the Eels are intending to win these two key games.

      In January another top Northern Team is making its way to Florida to play the Eels Empire team. The Syracuse Stars. Again these are great games for our boys who do not have to travel to the north to engage in these high level games.





      Being A Positive Sports Parent

      It is important to be supportive and respectful, not only of your child, but also of the others on the team and of the coaches. As a parent, you have the power to help shape your youth athlete’s attitude about sports.

      It’s natural to get excited when watching your child play but it is important to keep your emotions in check on game day. Here are some tips to help you:

      1. Be supportive before the competition even starts. Tell your youth athlete you are proud, regardless of how well he/she plays.
      2. Remind them that it’s normal to be nervous and to have fun even when playing hard.
      3. Let the coaches coach; avoid instructing your child or other players from the sidelines.
      4. Cheer for good plays and great efforts by both teams.
      5. When the game ends, set a good example for your child by thanking the officials, coaches, teammates and opposing teams for their efforts.

      After following these guidelines, go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back! And know that your support role doesn't end there.

      Consider these three tips when talking with your children after they compete:

      • Talk only when your child is ready. If your youth athlete wants to talk about the game, he/she will bring it up, maybe even on the ride home. If it seems like he/she doesn't feel like talking, respect that. Pushing your child to discuss a game, play-by-play, especially if he/she did not perform well, may turn them off sports and decrease his/her desire to share his/her thoughts with you or ask your opinion.
      • Ask open-ended questions. Once the conversation begins, keep it going by asking questions your child can't answer with a simple "yes" or "no." For example, ask, “What did you think was your team’s best play of the game?” and "How did you feel about the close call at first base?"
      • Listen carefully. If you're experienced in the sport your child plays, it might be tempting to jump in and share your own stories as they are telling theirs. Be patient; make a conscious effort to listen to what they have to say about their experience. Let your youth athlete take control of the conversation, help them process their thoughts and emotions, and then determine whether or not there's a life lesson you can impart.

      Be positive. Remind your child that you are proud of them, especially when the outcome doesn't go their way.

      When you support your child before and during a game, and communicate with them effectively after the game, they will not only have a strong mental attitude, but they will also be more coachable, optimistic, and better able to handle the inevitable losses that are part of the youth sports experience.


      College Tour

      Off to College

      This week we announced the plans for our College Tour while in Boston

      We will leave Ft Myers Florida by bus Wed Jan 7th & arrive Thursday in Marlboro Ma Jan 8th 2015
      That evening we will all get a quick dinner and off to watch a NCAA College hockey game. Game TBA.

      Jan 9th Friday morning quite early approx. 7 am we will depart by bus as a program and visit 2-3 colleges. Schools TBA

      Friday evening we will go and attend a NCAA College game.

      This will give each player a chance to visit 2-3 schools and watch 2 games = 4 teams.

      Jan 10th Saturday morning the Empire team (Optional for Elite players as the have an evening game) another visit to another college. 

      Jan 11 Sunday no college visits Elite and Empire teams both have 2 games each.

      Jan 12th Monday no college visits each team has 1 game 

      Jan 12th The Eels will leave to return to Florida after games.

      Note 1994 Eels Elite and Empire players along with a select number of 1995 players are being offered the chance to remain with coach Frank and Bloomingburg to attend schools Tuesday Wed and Thursday. We will target approx. 6 colleges for tour.

      This second phase is not part of the regular Eels program. The players will need to make plane reservations back home late on Thursday Jan 15th.
      We will suggest the flight to take. 
      Players will have to pay for own hotel rooms 4 per room approx. $50 per night
      Players need to share cost of vans and gas $150 for the period.
      Pay for their own food Hopefully hotels will have breakfast
      Pro-rata share of Coach Bloomingburg’s plane ticket $25.

      Please note that this trip is extremely popular and very worthwhile for the players who are planning on attending college in the fall of 2015. Players get to kick the tires if you will.  They get to see the schools, dorms etc. However, it makes s no sense for players to go who are not destined and targeted to attend college next fall. You have time and it would not be a wise allocation of funds. This is not a field trip. You will be also missing valuable practice time back in Florida.

      Also, we fully understand and appreciate that funds are limited with all players and families. If you cannot afford to do this additional college tour do not panic. We can do the virtual tours on the web of collegs that many of the college web sites have. But there is no doubt this has enormous upside.

      Players need to get their college letters in as I instructed. They need to have written to admissions offices. Letters t o coaches and gone to the college web sites and filled out recruiting profiles. They should have their high school transcripts sent to the colleges even if it is unofficial. They should have obtained 3 letters of recommendation. They help enormously. For schools they have a definite desire to attend they need and should fill out their college applications. Also by now you all should have compiled a DVD of 12 + clips 15 seconds each segment. This should be of goals or assist for forwards and defenseman. You should also show good plays back check fore-check, solid hits. For goalies save saves etc.

      If parents and players have any questions please fell free to call me. I am available Friday Dec 5th 5 pm - - 9 pm
      Saturday Dec 6th 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm
      Sunday Dec 7th noon -7pm

      I need a definite answer no later than Sunday evening 9:00 pm
      Look forward to hearing from you

      Frank Scarpaci
      Florida Eels GM 

      Florida Eels Junior Website

      For a more info on the Florida Eels USPHL Elite and Empire teams go to the above web site

      Peewees Bantams and U16 Midgets Gear Up For Christmas Tournament

      The kids are so excited about the up coming games..........

      Florida Eels Juniors Had 6 Teams & 120 Players Showcased at These Venues

      No Doubt Eels Players Get Recruited



      Chowder Cup Scouts  
      Marty Abrams Wellington Dukes (OJHL)
      Mike Addessa Calgary Flames (NHL)
      Peter Alden CT. Wolf Pack (EHL)
      Tony Amonte Thayer (Prep)
      Dan Armstrong Brockville Braves (CCHA)
      Craig Badger The Gunnery (Prep)
      Ryan Bailey Canterbury (Prep)
      Robbie Barker Lawrence Academy (Prep)
      Ben Barr Western Michigan (NCAA D1)
      Joe Beal Sacred Heart (NCAA D1)
      David Berard Holy Cross (NCAA D1)
      Rick Bennett Union (NCAA D1)
      Paul Billing Windsor Spitfires (OHL)
      Todd Bracket Vancouver Canucks (NHL)
      Vinny Bohr Topeka Capitals (NAHL)
      David Borgess Stonehill College (NCAA D3)
      Dean Boylan Phillips Andover Academy (Prep)
      John Burgess Suffolk University (NCAA D3)
      Mathieu Castonguay Northwood School
      Jason Cerenzia St. Georges (Prep)
      TJ Clarke Kingston Voyageurs (OJHL)
      Larry Cockrell Governor's Academy (Prep)
      Carl Corrazzini St. Marks (Prep)
      Cliff Cook NY Aviators (USPHL)
      Brendan Collins USHR
      Matt Curley Bentley (NCAA D1)
      Bob Crocker Los Angeles Kings (NHL)
      Mike Cusack Dubuque Fighting Saints (USHL)
      Derek Cunha Williston Northhampton School (Prep)
      David Cunniff Worchester Shark (AHL)
      Kevin Cunningham Connecticut College (NCAA D3)
      Al Cusson Charlottetown Islanders (QMJHL)
      Tony Dalessio NH Jr. Monarchs (EHL)
      John Dean North York Rangers (OJHL)
      Rich Decaprio Bosotn Jr. Rangers (EHL)
      Pat Desir Moses Brown
      Scott Drevitch Boston Bandits (EHL)
      Dan Driscoll Berkshire School (Prep)
      Tad Doherty Becker College (NCAA D3)
      Jerry Domish Philadelphia Jr. Flyers (EHL)
      Craig Doremus New York Bobcats (EHL)
      Rick Dorual Hawsbury Hawks (CCHA)
      Ted Donato Harvard (NCAA D1)
      Nate Dudley Babson (NCAA D3)
      Keith Dupee Lawrenceville (Prep)
      Jerome Dupont Trenton Golden Hawks (OJHL)
      Cam Ellsworth Umass Lowell (NCAA D1)
      Scott Frank Cape Cod Islanders
      Doug Friedman Kents Hill School (Prep)
      Jason Fortier Toronto Lakeshore Patriots (OJHL)
      Brain Gallagher Philadelphia Jr. Flyers (EHL)
      John Gardner Avon Od Farms (Prep)
      Mathew Greason  Trinity College (NCAA D3)
      Matt Goethels Pomfret (Prep)
      Peter Goulet Napean Raiders (CCHA)
      Guu Girourd  CIH Academy
      Steve Greely Boston University (NCAA D1)
      Rich Guberti Fordham University
      Jason Guerriero Yale (NCAA D1)
      Ben Guite Maine (NCAA D1)
      Rob Haberbusch Hamilton College (NCAA D3)
      Chris Hall Colby College (NCAA D3)
      Ryan Hardy USNTDP
      Josh Hand Manhattanville College (NCAA D3)
      Michael Haviland Colorado College (NCAA D1)
      Andy Heinze Valley Jr. Warriors (EHL)
      Ian Henderson  Hawksbury Hawks (CCHL)
      Steve Hoar Becker College (NCAA D3)
      Rob Hutchinson Trinity-Pawling School (Prep)
      Steve Jacobs NE Wolves (EHL)
      Paul Jennings Gloucester Rangers (CCHL)
      Dan Jewell Hamilton College (NCAA D3)
      Matt Johnson Tri City Storm (USHL)
      Kiernan Joyce Sherbrook Phoenix (QMJHL)
      Matt Keating Tufts (NCAA D3)
      Jerry Keefe Northeastern University (NCAA D1)
      Casey Keselring New Hampton School (Prep)
      Paul Kirtland  Fairbanks Ice Dogs (NAHL)
      Tom Kowal WBS Knights (EHL)
      Eric Lang Army (NCAA D1)
      Trevor Large Canisius College (NCAA D1)
      Jay Leach Maine (NCAA D1)
      Nate Leaman Providence College (NCAA D1)
      Chris Line Vermont Lumberjacks (EHL)
      Mark Lotito NJ Avalanche
      Bob Luccini Carolina Panthers (NHL)
      Chris Locker Shattucks St. Mary's
      Jon Lounsbury  Walpole Express (EHL)
      RC Lyke Richmond Generals (USPHL)
      Jon Kirk National Sports Academy
      David MacDonald Advisor
      Ian Macinnis Cornwall Colts (CCHL)
      Jim Madigan Northeastern University (NCAA D1)
      Bill Maniscalco Avon Old Farms (Prep)
      CJ Marottolo Sacred Heart (NCAA D1)
      Geoff Marottolo Advisor
      Kris Mayotte Providence College (NCAA D1)
      Eric McCambly Daniel Webster College
      Dave McCauley Bay State Breakers (USPHL)
      Jon McCourt Endicott College (NCAA D3)
      Scott McDougal Sacred Heart (NCAA D1)
      Ed McGolgan Washington Capitals (NHL)
      Will McNally Gatineau Olympiques (QMJHL)
      Bob Miele Westfield State (NCAA D3)
      Steve Miller Providence College (NCAA D1)
      Paul Merritt Buffalo Sabers (NHL)
      Jon Morin Phillips Andover Academy (Prep)
      Vincent Montalbano St. Louis Blues (NHL)
      Fred Myers  East Coast Wizards (EHL)
      Steve Needham Wesleyan University (NCAA D3)
      Frank O'Connor Northern Cyclones (EHL)
      Chris O'Donnell Salmon Arm (BCHL)
      Dave O'Donnel South Shore Kings (USPHL)
      Bill O'Neill Salem State College (NCAA D3)
      Greg Osborne  Pomfret (Prep)
      Devin Payne Brockville Braves (CCHA)
      Juliano Pagliero Holy Cross (NCAA D1)
      Jon Park  WBS Knights (EHL)
      Brian Parriso Casper Coyotes (WSHL)
      Dave Peers  Jr. Wolfpack (EHL)
      Brett Provost South Kent  (Prep)
      Derek Richards Olympia Sports Management
      David Quinn Boston University (NCAA D1)
      Brett Riley Charlottetown Islanders
      Rob Riley Columbue Blue Jackets (NHL)
      Cam Robichaud NH Jr. Monarch (EHL)
      Frank Robinson Saginaw Spirit (OHL)
      Rocky Romanella University of Delaware
      Larry Rocha St. Anselm (NCAA D3)
      Peter Roundy Trinity College (NCAA D3)
      Lou Santini NY Applecore (EHL)
      Patrick Schafer Providence Capitals (USPHL)
      Gary Shuchuk University Of Wisconsin (NCAA D1)
      Rod Simmons NH Fighting Spirit
      Dave Spinale Xavarian (Catholic)
      Todd Sterling Boston Bandits (EHL)
      Jean St. Pierre McGill University
      Jon Sokolski Millbrook School (Prep)
      Vincent Soriento Millbrook School (Prep)
      Mike Souza Uconn (NCAA D1)
      Bob Thorton New Jersey Rockets (EHL)
      Brain Troy Winchendon School
      Jim Troy MSS Sports
      Ron Tugnutt Kemptville 73's (CCHL)
      Brain Umansky Islanders HC (USPHL)
      Nick Unger National Sports Academy
      Mike Warde Bridgton Academy
      William Weiand Northern Cyclones (EHL)
      Steve Wiedler Curry College (NCAA D3)
      Brendan Whittet Brown University (NCAA D1)
      Mark Yates Central Scouting (NHL)/ Halifax (QMJHL)
      Brain Young  Oswego State (NCAA D3)